L'esprit de l'escalier

Because life is full of those moments

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What makes us who we are?

Today someone told me this:

My friend, you are not fat, you are not thin, but you are fucking confident. I don’t understand why, but I am always in awe that you are so sure of who you are and aren’t afraid of what people think - of your thoughts, your actions or your dressing. It’s just amazing and I wanted you to know that.

I said in return, I am only human. But I do know this, we are who we make ourselves out to be. People can only hurt you if you let them. My friend, if I had remained the person that others made me out to be with their spiteful words, I would be pathetic and sad all the time. I told myself after I left Primary school that I could keep being that sad little kid who no one wanted to play with or talk to in class, or I could reinvent myself in a fresh new start in Secondary school.

Fuck this world and its judgements, you are who you are. And you live up to your own standards. Sure, you’ll get affected by your surroundings and maybe even envious of certain friends around you. But that’s only human, and you are only human. So learn to accept these flaws you have and remember, it’s better to acknowledge them than to live life never knowing and recognizing. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Life’s already hard enough.

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To sum it up simply, it was incredibly amazing. I honestly do not recall a better birthday than this one, truly.

I remember saying goodbye to 2013 at the start of 2014 and thinking to myself; I’m gonna have a hard time finding another year to beat the one that just passed. Well, I guess life just has a way of surprising you sometimes.

I am unbelievably blessed for the new people that have entered my life this past year and all the new experiences that life and them have brought me. It’s just amazing. I never thought that I could have all this. And now that I do, it gives me hope that there’s just so much more out there in the world. I mean sure there are and will be tough days too, but if you just hold on to hope and loved ones - faith will get you through it.

So thank you Lord, truly, for the amazing people I’ve met and life lessons I’ve been through since I turned 23. Now that I’m 24, I’m ready to take on more; more challenges, more responsibility. I promise to live fiercely, love with hope, forgive with grace and cherish each and every experience; remembering that life is a precious precious gift.

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Coffee dates w my girl, captured by R on his Leica. (:

Nylon will always be our favourite coffee joint <3  

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Nights like this put a smile on my face no matter how long the week’s been. December will be a game changer for sure, but time will bring us all back here again! ♡♡♡ these sisters!